carpet cleaning in West Windsor


4 REASONS WHY YOUR CARPETS WILL SHINE IN WEST WINDSOR, NJ. THOROUGH CLEANING-We use a pre-conditioner that loosens ground in dirt spots. Next a dual action turbo brush machine. This machine has 2 brushes that clean both sides of the fiber.Removes pet hair and deeply embedded soil. We are the only company in the West Windsor area that offers this service.STAYS CLEAN LONGER- We use a high powered truck mount cleaning machine to flush away dirt,dust,and spots leaving your carpet amazingly clean and residue free. CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS-We have taken numerouse courses and have 25 years experience in the WestWindsor area.MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- there is a number of ways to clean a carpet but after 25 years of trying different methods our process is the best we Guarantee it or your money back.